Monday, January 24, 2011

Vintage Dreaming...

It's Monday. I'm working. And I'm exhausted. It doesn't help that the doctor, that I'm supposed to be working with today, well...he's running late. So I have nothing to do, but sit here and wait.

So I found an empty computer, and started to entertain myself. Most "normal" people would probably "troll" their favorite Target, or even Amazon. Me? I read blogs. Then find links to AMAZING Etsy shops...

Just look at these dresses! I would totally wear them for our gigs. Or just because. Add a cute pair of heels for a fun night out. Or a pair of cowboy boots, with the first pink dress. Too adorable!

And these four...I'm speechless. That wedding dress, well it actually makes me want to get married! And that's saying A LOT! But these dresses are way too adorable. Completely out of my budget. But vintage anything, especially clothes, makes me heart melt! Happy Monday! ♥

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