Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lip Conditioning

When I first began performing, I was all on my own. Trying to learn all kinds of tips and tricks. Makeup application and hair seemed to be my enemy. Especially when I was melting under the sun. But over the years, and thanks to my friend/makeup artist M, I've finally started to tackle some of those makeup problems that were HUGE issues for me. Like bold lips...

I always had issues with bold lips. Because my lips were dry. And they'd peel. So much so, that my lips actually hurt. But wearing red lipstick was just as much part of my uniform as the traje itself. And I needed to find some ways to make my lips stop peeling, and my lipstick to stay on.

Of course, I drink plenty of water. All the time! It helps with everything from your skin, to your hair, and obviously, your lips. But even water consumption can only go so far...especially in the desert.

But living in the desert and wearing lipstick daily, well is dries out your lips a lot! No matter what the brand of lipstick it is, YSL, MAC, Wet-n-Wild, Covergirl, Estee Lauder etc. You just have to keep in mind, when you wear a highly pigmented color, it dries out your lips. And as a stage performer and musician, I frequently wear red, dark wine, or bright pinks.

Early on, I used a toothbrush to help with my peeling lips. After I brush my teeth at night, I use this treatment. I bought a child sized, soft toothbrush, and I brush my lips. Make sure both your lips and the toothbrush are wet, and softly brush over both your top and bottom lips. It takes off all the dead skin, and brings the blood to the surface of your lips. I have highly pigmented lips naturally. But after this step, my lips are usually a bright berry color. And smooth as can be.

Sometimes I'll make a paste out of sugar and olive oil (preferably brown sugar) and rub it around my lips. It's like an "At Home" sugar scrub. Rinse it off and pat dry. Then I lather up my lips in Carmex before I go to bed. That's really important! It brings back the moisture to your lips. And leaves them feeling tingly and so soft!

During the day, I moisturize my lips often. Very often! One of my favorite products are Nivea "A Kiss of Shine" lipglosses. Or my trusty Carmex. But never let your lips get dry. That's when they crack and start to peel.

The Aquafina "Fruit Splash" lip balms are also amazing! They're moisturizing without being greasy. And they come in wonderful flavors!

But the key steps start right before makeup application. M (my friend and MUA) will moisturize my face. Then she'll take Carmex and really coat my lips with it. Way more than you will ever use normally! M then takes a Q-tip and gently rubs it over my lips. This takes off any kind of dead skin, roughness, extra products, etc. The blood comes to the skin, and not only are your lips smooth, but they also look plumper.

When M is done with that, I will put on a good layer of Blistex "Deep Renewal" lip balm. I use this during the day to moisturize with as well. But always before lipstick application. It also has an SPF 15. It's a very good product to use during the day.

We always do this before we begin makeup application. That's important. It gives the lips time to absorb all the moisture before adding the drying lipstick. My lipstick application is always the last thing I do as well. Right at the end, M will line my lips in a clear lip liner. Then using a lip brush, she will apply my lipstick.

I hope that helps. I have almost no peeling of my lips anymore. My lipstick has never looked nicer. Using this method, I can easily perform a show without worrying about my lipstick. It stays on for hours! And the overall condition of my lips is amazing! ♥