Thursday, October 7, 2010

Last Night

Do you remember my post from yesterday? When I was telling you how awesome my God is? Well, he didn't fail me. Yesterday, I was having a pretty crappy day. Trying to make it a good one. Trying really hard. I want so badly for things to go right.

This meant opting out of lunch. One, to avoid Dr. B. And two, well that financial stress again. So I sat in one of the meeting rooms and ate my banana, orange, and apple. Don't tell the hotel. I took them. I didn't have time to eat them in the morning, before we left the hotel. So I took them with me. And folks, that was a good plan!

I was working on a Counseling paper. It was super quiet and I was hard at work. Then that familiar ding of an IM. I immediately recognized the screen name. Do you remember me telling you about a certain Cowboy who had a birthday? The same Cowboy that likes to call my work phone and leave me sweet messages. Like him singing my favorite country songs. :)

Oh heaven. It just makes me smile thinking about him. Yes! Well, he got on the computer during his lunch break. To check his e-mail. And he saw me signed on too. We had a quick chat. And I happened to mention that I was "in town," teaching some classes. Which I got an immediate response, "Want to go to dinner tonight? ;-)" So we made plans.

After work, Dr. D and I made the 1 hour trip back to the town, where we are staying. Now that I think of it, that was crazy! Being that the Cowboy lives where I was working. But that's what we did. I changed into more comfy clothes. And waited. Mr. Cowboy met me and we went to dinner.

We had so much fun! Was it a date? Um, I'm not sure. Seriously, I'm not sure. But we had a great time! We found this cute little restaurant. I swear, I've been here at least 20 times. I've never seen this place. It was quiet, definitely off the "Beaten Path." The food was so yummy too! We ended up sharing 2 plates. Because there was so much food, we didn't know what to order. :)

And we talked about so many things. Just sat and talked. It was everything that my soul needed. Cowboy had me laughing. I laughed so hard, I cried. We talked about being "on our own." And how it was a good change. Even if our families are hundreds of miles away. We talked about the tough stuff. And about fun things that are happening around "the south."

Literally, we stayed in the restaurant until it was closing. That's how great the conversation was. Funny. We've seen each other a few times, in the past, and barely said Hi to each other. But somehow, without anyone else being there, we let our guards down. And it was nice.

Heck, we even played the "Who Are You, When I'm Not Looking" game. It totally reminded me of the song. I LOVE Blake Shelton's version of it. But I couldn't find a video to post here. It was funny to learn all these new things from the Cowboy. Like he enjoys reading the "Classics." He laughed when I told him that I like to set the table, with candles and everything, to have dinner. It's a treat. Because I rarely get to eat a meal at home. He likes to neatly fold his clothes in a pile at the end of the day. And I definitely have to hug something, when I'm drifting off to sleep. Um, he likes to eat cold leftovers for breakfast. I secretly do the same thing. :)

But before he drove back home, I asked him to take me to Wal-Mart. I'm sure, the only place in town that was still open. I bought him some cupcakes and candles. We sat outside and I sang him Happy Birthday. To which, he blushed. It was so cute!

I told you, God works in all sorts of mysterious ways. He sends us people to improve our lives. To teach us something new. To look at life from a different angle. And to enjoy what amazing gifts we have. That little Wal-Mart cupcake and the mini Ben and Jerry's that we split, never tasted better! Why? Because we were just enjoying each other's company. Nothing crazy. Just sitting and talking. Enjoying the beautiful night that God created.

Again, I feel like I can conquer the world. Whatever happens. And this song, it will always remind me of this amazing man. What will come of our friendship? I don't know. Only time can tell that story. But I've learned to be more "Open Minded" about these things. ♥

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