Thursday, September 16, 2010

His Birthday and a Little Singing

Today is the "Cowboy's" birthday. How do I know? Because he called me this morning. When I was on my way home. He just felt like talking. And he was getting ready to head home. For a class or something.

How did I find out it was his birthday? Because as we were talking, one of his buddies wished him a Happy Birthday. The funny thing was, he was trying to make me feel better. You know, after all the work I've been doing. And all the stress I've been under. He is just too sweet.

Our conversation actually started with him singing me "Good Morning Beautiful." He honestly is just too sweet! And he really does make my days better. Just with little calls like this one. As soon as he started to sing the words, a smile just came across my face. It's still there! :)

I feel bad though. Because I didn't know it was his birthday. I didn't get him a card or anything. I'm going out of town tomorrow. You know the drill. But I promised to make him a big birthday cake. I just didn't think it out though. How I was going to get it to him?

Before we hung up, I sang Happy Birthday to him. I swear, if I could have seen his face, it would have been bright red! I could just see that sideways smile of his. And I probably would have seen the twinkle in his eyes. You know, some people are just born with that. But he shyly told me "Thank you." He never expected that I'd really sing to him. You could honestly hear the happiness in his voice.

But more than anything, I hope he has a great birthday! He really is an amazing man. Generous, sweet, and caring. There are not many men out there like him. Trust me. As a single woman, I know this. But today, I just want him to have a nice day. Happy Birthday Handsome!

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